About This Site

The simple purpose of MillageRate.com is to provide a basic foundational knowledge of the millage rate setting process–

  • to educate Georgia’s City Council members, County Commissioners and School Board members on the millage rate process;
  • to educate lawmakers so that they can enact legislation that promotes honesty in the property taxation process;
  • to educate taxpayers so that they can more fully participate in the public finance process.

Specifically, our goal is the adoption of state legislation that accomplishes the following:

  • requires taxing authorities across Georgia– cities, counties, schools, consolidated city-county entities– to set a mathematically-derived millage rate each year;
  • repeals the rollback requirement and certain other provisions of the “Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights;”
  • repeals all other statutory and constitutional limitations on the millage rate for levying and recommending authorities including schools;
  • simplifies the public notification and hearing process;
  • provides for training of elected officials in the millage rate calculation process.

Principles of Government Service and Taxation

When it comes to taxes, government should operate according to the following principles:

  • Government should be limited to only those services that the people cannot provide for themselves, either individually or through the private sector;
  • Government should provide those services the most efficient and economical way possible;
  • Government should exhaust every possibility to fund those services through non-tax methods (user fees, etc.);
  • Government should collect no more tax dollars from the people than is necessary to fully fund the provision of those services;
  • When ad valorem (property) taxes are used to fund government services, every equally-situated property owner should be treated equally with others.

About the Publisher

MillageRate.com is published by Bob Griggs of Gwinnett County, GA. Bob has served as the Chairman of a county Board of Equalization (property tax appeals); on a county Board of Assessors; and has received advanced training from the Georgia Department of Revenue on property taxation and the millage rate.

Bob has assisted several cities and counties to formulate fair and reasonable property tax policy. He is available to consult with taxing authorities and can be contacted at bobg@mygotooffice.com.